Amp to sub question????????


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ok, i have just a quick question, which is probably pretty easy for u guys. ok, if i went out and bought a 15inch sub with 1000 watt peak power, would i have to go out and get that big of an amp??? if i dont have to, how big of an amp would i need to get a loud and good thump with it, considering i have a box and that stuff with it too obviously. so basically, how small of an amp could i use to get a 15 to thump good???

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well what is the RMS power of this sub? you never go by peak power.

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ok, heres everything i know about it, its just a cheap 15 and u guys r goin to probly kill me for saying that it is a roadmaster 15 inch sub and i shouldnt even waste my time, but i wont have thins car for much longer, i just wanted something to put in it for me for a while, and i dont want to spend to much onan amp either, for the same reasons, but ok. here it is, its a 15 inch roadmaster vsw150 sub and heres all the stuff it says with it.....
1000 watts instantaneous peak power
2 1/2" ASV-dual voice coil
87dB sensitivity
4 OHM impedance
Quick connect terminals
67 Oz. Giga magnet
ok, the quick connect terminals probly wont help u, but i just copied and pasted it, so yea. it doesnt really say the rms power, i dont know if u can calculate anything from this info, but yea. like i said, i dont want to put to much into this car, i wont have it much longer and everything thats with it will probly stay with it when we sell it. so yea. aight, go ahead and start makin fun of my great roadmaster sub, but anyhelp of the actual question will be nice or any predictions if it will sound good will be helpful. thankx guys............
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