Subs or rear speakers..


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well i read a lot of stuff on not having rear fill..
is it best to have front speakers and subs only...(i cannot have components, already bought infinity kappa 6.5)
or have front , rear and subs altogether...
i am really an amature...and i need your help..

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I personally think it sounds best with Fronts, Rears, And subs.

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It basically comes down to personal taste. Glass, Jonathan, and myself perfer a nice componet set in the front and just your subs in the back. Then again some people like both. If you look there is a post that is still open that goes way into the details of both setups.

If I was you I would give a few stereos a listen and go from there.

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I prefer front and back with a sub because when my buddies are sitting in the back, they dont just get base, they also get clean highs coming from a good set of triaxle's. Like JeremyC said, its personal taste, more highs, more bass, both

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I think personal taste is the key. Someone could say that speakers "x" is the best but if it sounds like crap to you then they're crap!

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It's all in the setup as well. Glass, Myself, and a few others on this forum have our goals on purist sound quality. I personally don't care a lot for SPL, I prefer a very well balanced system. Once people start talking about clean highs, strong mids, they're usually wanting (or needing) rear speakers and fronts combined just to match levels with the amount of bass that they want. Me personally, a 2 way component system with 100 watts is plenty as far as the primary drivers, then I choose a sub (or subs) to match them. From a purist sound quality standpoint, just fronts and a sub are better than having fronts and rears blaring out. The more speakers you have, the more acoustic phase issues you get due to different pathlengths, causing cancellation and boost, it results in peaks and dips in your frequency response, and screws up your imaging and front soundstage.

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I personally like having rear speakers. However, you should adjust the crossover so that you get midbass and not too much highs and then balance it out with the front.
If done properly, it will sound good.
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