HPF, LPF, All Pass, which one is better?


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I have a fosgate 851s amp, it has all those setting on the amp, i was wondering which way would it sound best, Im powering 2 10" Kicker Comp Vrs. I have it set up at All pass right now. what would be the advantages at having it at one of the other ones?

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Set it to LPF
then turn the dial somewhere between 60 and 100 Hz
depending on what sounds better to you.

Youre not supposed to have it any other way

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HEY dude LPF and have the freq dial all the way down i have blown and have known people blowing subs because of the freq dial. It might sound louder but is really damaging to the sub.

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its weied cus when u think about it,, if u have it in full its like if the subs were receiving 10 x more the hits a min than just bass hits. u gotta see it this way. there is movement in the cone not only from the bass but by all the lil sounds that can go about from the song,,,, it might even be a guitar string or a lil squeal in the voice. that means ur over working ur driver by creating too much unnecesary movement. go with lpf, it sounds better, if not get better subs that handle higher spl it what u want is louder bass

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Subwoofers are specifically designed to only output low frequencies. That dial should never leave LPF unless you're powering a set of components or speakers. You want to set the LPF at appromixately 80hz or so. Set it to about 80hz then change it slightly to exactly how you like the sound.
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