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I have 3 500 watt sony x plods and i need to know if i should get one big amp or one for each. i was told that if i get one amp for each sub that the subs would hit harder

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one amp or three is up to you.
one amp won't make them hit harder, unless it offers more power.
the hardest part of using one amp for three subs is matching proper load and figuring out the power you'll get from the amp.
one amp is easier to wire for sure but whomever told you that using one amp will make the subs hit harder without any other qualifiers is a moron.
I use one amp her sub in my car for two subs.
mainly because it was hard enough to find two class AB amplifiers that put out 1,000 watts each.
Finding one that offered 2Kw at the same quality would be nearly impossible, and considerably more expensive.

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let me also add to all this that SONY sucks..if they say 500 and u try and put 500 on it.. expect something to go wrong..

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are these the P5 pentagon shaped subs?
what is the coil configuration for the three subs?

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Is there anobody else tired of BadazzBowtie saying sony sucks who gives a f*uck is their sh*t for some people that's all they can afford, so shut the F*ck This is a place where you help people not were you talk sh*t about peoples stuff. I think glasswolf was right on another tread were he said bowtie didnt have a life everybody just ignore that idiot.

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I have to admit, I really can't stand Sony either, but that's my view and I try to reserve it for threads that actually ask for my opinions.. *laugh*
anyway, no need for hostility.. from anyone. All it does is beget more bad feelings and aggressiveness.

so shut up before I come over and break your windows!
er, no wait..

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lol a Sony demo car drove through my town the other day, it was a green Focus with a huge Xplod decal consuming the sides of the vehicle. I was tempted to walk up to the car and give some fake oohs and aahs and then let him listen to my system :-)

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I think you should put three becuz in the event that one amp blows u still got ur 2 other subs hitting, but other than that there really isnt much of a difference.
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