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need some help again, please???????
the subs i'm getting call for a SEALED box volume of 0.9 - 2.79 cubic ft. each sub. Or a PORTED box volume of 1.75 - 4.0 cubic ft. each sub. since i'm going with a pair of subs i know that i would double these figures, can anyone of you more experienced people here give me your thoughts on what size box i should go with to house these 2 subs? I found a ported box on that measures: 29"W x 15.25"H x 15.25"D this sound about right? any suggestions? thanks again all!!

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what subwoofer are they and what amp are you going to run on them

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rockford HE2 12" 2 ohm DVC. not sure on the amp yet, trying to choose between the RF 1001bd (1000 x 1 @ 2 ohms)
or the JL 500/1 (500 x 1 @ 2ohms) or the JBL 600.1 (600 x 1@ 2ohms) any other amp suggestions would be great along with box suggestions!!!!!!!

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mark, what can the sub handle RMS wise...if its 500 rms a sub or more...go for with the rockford...its its more like 300-400 go with the JBL...its its 200rms or less, go for the JL.....desitions...

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that box from subzone would give you 3.9cuft TOTAL. since its ported its gonna be a little on the small side, but still fit into the 1.75-4 cuft per sub standards. that seems like a really wide range to me so you might want to email RF's customer service and ask the best specs for a ported box that matches your subs. also look at the port size as this will determine the boxes tune. certain subs sound better at certain tuning frequencies so be on the look out. i believe the JBL 600.1 is slightly under rated and the JL 500/1 is WAY under rated. both those amps are awesome and can push more than what they say. take that into consideration before you make your purchase. goodluck!
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