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Time for Honesty, As founder and Technical Director of the company
with over 25 years of experience in Television, Sound and Stage
productions I want to personally take this time share it. My love,
appreciation and passion for music and musical instruments as well as
how they sound have brought me over the last 4 years to develop a line
of professional studio components for major recording studios and
theatrical productions. As an audio engineer I also got involved in
building sound stages, editing suites and mixing suites that recorded
some of the music you hear and listen.

Mozartcables Engineered Reference Interconnect cables are made of pure
and honest engineering principals using only certified components.
Those components were chosen, voiced for optimum render and tested
among a wide variety of suppliers, for best result and reliability in
professional conditions. They were used in some of the worst and harsh
environments ever, here is an example: in a live HDTV production with
250 000 Watt of lighting, 100 dimmers, 86 microphones, 10 000 Watt of
amplifiers, 20 Walkie-Talkies with 7 different frequencies, 9
microwave cameras and tons of our cables everywhere on the stage
floor, all that, in a nationalized airport. Our product performed with
no noise and no flaw whatsoever. Mozartcables will outperform OEM and
most aftermarket cables in any situation and will always give you
professional, dependable and safe results.

Don't use foreign clones or non certified components that can be shock
and fire hazardous.

My business is in the north part of the province of Quebec, Canada. I
have used and accumulated over 4 years or engineering testing and
implementing our Engineered Reference Interconnect cables, in
professional recording studios environment. Mozartcables is proud to
bringing to Audiophile members our line of products. All our
Engineered Reference Interconnect cables are quality handcrafted,
thoroughly treated with DeoxIT and tested by highly skilled cabling
technicians, with our finest selection of components that are at the
edge of the line between reality and fiction.

As a Professional sound engineer I was trained to let go on
physiological effects of inaudible theories. a reference cable has to
get the real signal to your amp, no more no less. Mozartcables is the
same professional cable that starts it all. from the 10,000 dollar
microphone to the final mix. go to my site read and enjoy. a 20%
discount for members if you e-mail me. sine Mozart.

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