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hi guys/gals
i am a newbie at car stereo, and just installed my own system.
i would like to know what is the "Gain" setting on the amp. Currently, it is on minimum, how much can i tweak it as so it wont spoil my sub? i have a 2channel 400wat amp powering a 12"sub bridged.

Also, my sub makes a small, but noticeable "boom" noise whenever i turn off my ignition. the amp is connected to my deck via RCA cable, and via the amp remote wire. the power is directly from the car battery.

thanks a lot in advance =)

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The popping noise could be your RCA wires might be damaged. Try replacing them with some Monster Cable RCA's. And the Gain. Remember, its not a volume, because the power goes up as you crank the volume on your radio. But you should try to turn your radio as loud as you want it to get, then adjust the gain to as loud as the speaker can handle it. That way the gain is never too high. When it starts to sound muddy and like a spitting sound, you have the gain too high. By the way, your frequency should be all the way down, and then turn it just a little tiny bit up. Subwoofers are made to play the LOW frequency's of music.

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well first off your gain is perfect where its at right now and thats the starting point you want it at.
your gain only needs to be matched to the rca outputs of your stereo.
turning the gain up to high wont give you what you dont have so at best you are trying tomatch and balance your gain on the amp to the preamp output of your deck.
yes i would turn the stereo up to a comfortable listening level (80% volume being ideal) and then adjust your gain by slowly turn it up until eveything sounds balanced.
that ignition thump is a somewhat common problem and is not caused by the rca's.
the boom you hear is from the amps power circuitry stabilizing.
somethings to check are that you have a good clean ground connection to your amp.
you can use a delay module so your amp comes on after the stereo comes on. basically its happening because your stereo loses power first when you cut the car off and the amp follows right behind and you need to delay this for the amp and you wouldnt hear this if the amp cut off first but thats not happening in this case.
it sounds like your connections are correct and normally this isnt a problem and using a remote turn on lead from the stereo is fine but this is probably happening because your amp doesnt have soft turn on circuitry but you can remedy this by getting a module to delay the amp turning on or you can use a seperate switch but those are inconvenient but will work if you remember to get into a routine and turn your amp on manually after the stereo comes on first but i would save that for a last resort or if you wanted to get rid of the noise for only a couple dollars then a simple rocker switch will fix that.
the thump sounds worse than it is and its more annoying than damaging.

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proper gain setting:

check and make sure you have solid, bare metal chassis grounds. that can cause your popping, too.

thanks alot guys! i think jay is correct when you say the stereo cuts out power first then the amp follows right behind. as long as it dosent damage my speakers then i dont really mind. but is a bit annoying....

anyway, ill double check evreything, and look into the delay module.

thanks again =>

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