Do I need a new alternator with this setup?


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I have a 2005 mazda 3, and I'm almost positive the stock alternator is 90 amps.

I just recently picked up an AQ-1200D, and it's going to be hooked up to two 12" type R's in a custom 4.25 cu ft box tuned to 30hz, with 0 gauge wires and the big 3 upgraded. Will this amp setup require a HO alternator?

thanks guys

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No it should be fine....I run the same amp in my car on a pair of epics with a 90amp alt and my voltage stays around 13 or so.

I did upgrade my battery tho. Maybe something to look into if you do happen to run into any problems. Should be fine though...

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What kind of battery? I just put a 585 CCA battery in my whip, it's a lot bigger than the old battery.

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Yea, you should be good then man.

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Hey, just thought I would chime in considering I push about the same wattage in the same car .

Yea I drive an 05 Mazda 3 with an AQ2200 (@ 2-ohms, ~1100wrms output). The only electrical upgrade I did was Big 3 in 0-awg. I only get a slight bit of light dimming when hitting low notes at high volumes. My idle voltage is around 13.5 and the lowest I drop is around 12.7 on heavy notes.

Before I did Big 3 I was running about 5-600 wrms @ 4-ohms and I got very noticeable light dimming.

Side note: not sure if you already have subs in the car or not, two 12's on 1kW WILL make your rear deck rattle like HELL. This is a big problem for mazda 3 drivers, plan on doing something about that; I know I am going to soon. Of course this is only if you drive the sedan... not the hatch. If you drive the hatch then ignore this side note .

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Try with the stock unit. If you have issues with dimming lights, the amp shutting off or going into protection, or audible distortion even with the amp gain set properly, then you need to look at alternator options. The best way to be sure is to watch the voltage and see if it drops, and by how much.
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