What to look for in car audio


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I need everything. Head unit, speakers, subs, a box, amp, etc. I'm just not sure where to being looking. I like a deep lows and a strong, distinct sound. I just need a general overview of what specifications to look for in each category, power, ohms, rms, price, you know, give me what I need Thanks guys.

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We'll need a budget to work with and then we can list you some good choices. If you want good lows, you'll need a Sound Quality sub. They're generally able to have more excursion which is what helps to achieve deeper lows. Cone size and your enclosure also play into how low and loud your sub can get. A custom built enclosure would be important, tuned low. You'd want either an Alpine or Pioneer HU, price range can depend on your budget. One key factor is looking for a HU that has the pre-outs you need and that are 4 volts. Inside speakers depend on your preference. Some people prefer to have a nice front stage and run their sub(s). Other people run front and rear speakers along with their sub(s). If you want high and clear sound inside the car to match the bass from your sub(s) you'd want to invest in a 2 or 4 channel amp for the inside speakers. So just let us know how much you're looking to invest into this and what your goals are for it. As most things in life, you get what you pay for and buying quality products will give you years of listening enjoyment.

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First of all, thanks for the response.

I was planning on sticking to a $400 price limit for the whole system, but I understand that car audio can turn into a huge investment. I don't want to get too far off from $400 but at the same time I want it to be a solid system. I'm willing to spend a little extra cash to get long-lasting sound. I want a couple front, and a couple rear speakers and a decent mid to high range to compliment super deep bass for a surround sound effect. I want a loud low range but I don't want the lows to drowned out the rest of the music.

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That will be hard on a $400 budget.
Alpine type r and a hifonics amp and box and your budget is gone.
I suggest saving more, or getting a BF to buy it, then dump him, Yea its a cruel world in SPL.
Or post up you local craigslist and I will take a look for you for something decent.

Welcome to E.

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^^^^^^^^^ haha

Its doable but it will take some time looking for good deals on used stuff.

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Hahaha a rich BF would be awesome, I'll look into it. I live in Lakewood, oh. I didn't think about Caigs list. How much should I expect to pay for a decent amp? And what brands should I be looking at?

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A $400 budget is tight. If you came across a good deal you might be able to land a decent sub and amp. Even then you would still need the wire, and a HU. If a solid system is what you want, for the best prices avaiable, check into Audioque and Fi Car Audio. Both make solid products for a good price, even though its above your $400 budget.

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hey kristen, not to pry too much but how old are you...?
i only ask because i have a good friend that lives in lakewood and graduated from st. ed's a few years ago and i was just thinking there is a chance you might know him

he seems to know everyone that i meet from lakewood

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Which one is near you?

akron / canton
dayton / springfield
lima / findlay
northern panhandle
tuscarawas co
zanesville / cambridge

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Kyle: I'm 19. Just moved here in January so I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know me. I'm always down to meet new people though.

Marc: Cleveland

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Heres a good start for cheap and decent stuff

Sub and amp

Speaker amp

Just the stereo for 50

so theres a good start.
Now if you do go the craiglist way, always be careful dealing with these ppl. Always meet in a public place or bring a few ppl with you, never go alone..

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Kristen welcome to the show. These guys are GREAT help and i assume that they have the ability to answer ANYTHING u may have to ask as well as myself. I myself am in Strongsville. Anything else feel free to ask

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I think you need to go to an audio shop and talk to a professional.

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Your car stereo system can actually be quite an investment for you especially if you are a music enthusiast and you have gotten for yourself the best of the car audio systems that are available for yourself. So when you make this investment you should make it in something that is actually absolutely worth its expense and stands out in the crowd along with serving all the purposes that a car audio system should be serving. So read on and find out what are some of the features that are a must have for your car audio system to make your audio experience in your car worth all the money spent on it.

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