What does lpf and hpf mean


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i got a power acoustik fi2x 1600 watt amp and it has a lpf and a hpf what do i set it on whats it mean and i got 2 12s mtx ter subs and which way would sound better facein the front or rear and i got 2 360watt 6/9 pioneer and i got a 320watt amp can i hook them up to the amp thanks

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LPF = Low Pass Filter, filters out all frequencies above it's set point. For example, if you set your LPF at 150Hz for your subwoofers, all frequencies above 150Hz will be filtered out, only below 150Hz will be sent through the subs.

HPF= High Pass Filter, filters out all frequencies below it's set point. This is the opposite of LPF. HPF is usually used for tweeters.

Your Power Acoustik amp, that you are using for your subs, should be set to LPF. There should also be a dial to set the frequency. The frequency setting you will have to play with once you get your front stage set up. I recommend setting the front stage up first and then setting up your subs.

As far as if you should face the subs front or rear...are your subs in a box or are you using the trunk as a box? Do you have a pass through into the vehicle compartment from the trunk? I used an Audi A6 years ago and found my IDMAX 12's sounded best facing forward, right into the back seat, but had the rear seat arm rest down. I removed the material behind the arm rest to allow a pass through into the trunk. They really sounded good like that.

Looks like the amp you have for the 6x9s should be fine. Keep in mind, those Pioneers are 360w MAX and the amps Peak is 320w MAX. These are not RMS ratings on either component.

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