PIX : 1 12" Old Skool Orion HCCA Box ...


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built this for a guy - 2.5cuft tuned 34hz

my d\cam is busted so no pix of sub or during box build but i called a bud to take pix when i finished it yesterday evening

im posting the links so u all can zoom up close if u want


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thats loooks GREAT real nice box

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looks good

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New quote coming soon, North carolina

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very clean nice job.

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Rovin you have mad skills.

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flawless carpeting. i am sure the box is built the same way. very nice job rovin.

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I remember when those old school Orion subs first came on the scene. No doubt they'll pound and sound good doing it in one of Rovin's enclosures. You produce some very nice boxes my friend.

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What amp?
How does sound?

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A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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hey thanks alot guys ...can u guys see where the carpet joints are located on the sides of the box ......Upload

i tested it on my orion 2500d amp with about 25\40 on my premier 860 hu ...guy said he is going to use a orion 2100 hcca amp on it

for a sub that was really built for spl & tuned this low it sounds pretty good ...not deep lows as say a pair of type Rs but decent & loud as if its more than 1 sub ...

previous owner of this sub in a spl box said he did 144.4dbs which is expected - damn thats a good score for a old sub .....

owner should come for it tomorrow .....

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