6.5" speakers for bass?



I have a 4 channel Kenwood 8401 Amp and I'm shopping around for speakers. I have 2k maxima and I have decided on
INFINITY KAPPA 6.5" 60.5cs for the front. I need help deciding on what speakers I should get for the 6.5" rear door panels. I would like to get some 6.5" speaker that emphasize the lower frequencies. I think the kappa's will give me solid highs and mids in the front, so if I could get some rear speakers that emphasize the bass, I think I'll be set! Can you suggest any 6.5" speakers that will give me some good low bass?

(installing a woofer/speakerbox in the trunk is not an option for me, I want the speakers to heard not seen)

May thanks,

You are a dick, you cant get good bass from 6 1/2 speakers...........get a sub

No, anonymous, you are a dick. Obviously this guy isn't looking to rumble the car next to him. 6.5" can will make bass, just not heart pounding bass. As for Tom, I would go with some in the back that were made for mid-bass, with no tweeters or anything. I think kicker sells some like that, and they are a good brand. Just make sure you put them on a low-pass crossover and your back seat passengers don't want to listen to the music. My pioneer deck will even let me cut all but lows in the back. They call it FIE. Then you don't need a crossover.

Hope this helps.

Tom, ignore the morons like Anynomous...they make themselves feel better by being rude.

There are several brands and types of 6.5" midbass drivers that work well. If anyone questions the ability of a 6.5" speaker to make bass they should check out the 6.5" bazooka tubes.

I know you don't want anything in the trunk but one of these is really the way to go...

The Bazooka tube is small and very efficient. It would surprise you!

I have a similar question. I want 6.5" speakers that emphasize the lower frequencies in the rear, but do have rear seat passengers. Which 6.5" full range speakers are good? I'm leaning towards the Boston FX6. Are these any good?

Robert Frederick
I think it all depends on what type of music you listen too. If you listen to Rock or R&B (something with more of a bass kick), the Infinity's wont be as good as say.. Rockfords, However, the Kappa's will blow the socks off the Rockfords when it comes to Jazz/Classical. The best thing to do is go to local dealers and listen to them yourself. The most important thing to remember is that the dealer puts all their speakers in boxes (even the 6's your thinking of). Because they put them in boxes, they will be better in the store display than when in your door. When it comes down to the bottom line, your system is just an expression of who you are... take your time and build what makes you happy. Forget about what others think...

Robert Frederick
Just wanted to let you know that all lows will be heard throughout the car regardless of where the speakers are (even in the trunk). Being that I have a 2003 Mazda 6s (very similar to your setup) you can take my word on this. Im using an all rockford system with 6.5"s in all the doors and 10" HE's in the trunk. Believe me when I tell you that you can't tell where the bass comes from. What most people think is bass is actually just air displacement (which gives that inaudible rumble in their trunk in most cases). And if you want that good thump without the rumble, don't go over 10"s because 12+" doesn't have near the clarity (but give one hell of a back massage!)

ok look if u got to a store and look for lighting audio 6.5 the will put out 250wats each ok ever sud and speaker i own is lighting audio so try that guys

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