Wiring two amps to two subs?


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I'm going to have two P2002's. I have 2 4ohm's subs handling 225 watts each. I wanted to run both amps, each one bridged, so i get 200watts per subwoofer.

Will the following work for maximum power:
4awg from battery to Amp1
4awg from Amp1 to ground
Remote wire from head unit to Amp1
RCA's to Amp1
Finally, will sending an RCA from Amp1 to Amp2 finish everything?

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since you have 2 amps it might be a better idea to use a bigger ground. The bigger (thicker) the better when attached correctly

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you will need a distribution block to split the power wire into 2 runs, one for each amp.

ground each amp at the same point. using 2 seperate wires is best, a distribution block isn't needed.

split the REM lead with a butt connector of some sort, run a lead into each amp. or just run it into one, then out and into the other. (do not try and use the HU's REM lead to turn on more then 3 items though, any more then 3 and a relay will be needed!!)

get some RCA Y splitters and split the RCA's for each amp.

set the gains and all other settings the same, use a Meter if you can to match the gains.

wire the subs to the amps correctly and you should be good to go.

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help please!
2 channel amp. 4ohm or 2ohm stable
2 sub dvc
Can I hook the sub to 1ohm and connect it to my amp.? How to bridge my amp. to 1ohm? Will I burn anything up if I hook it up like that? I don't think my amp. is stable at 1ohm, But can I hook it up anyway? Thank You!!

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a 2 channel amp is usually stable down to 2 ohms in stereo, but only 4 ohms bridged. need to find the manual for sure on that though.

you won't be able to hook a 1 ohm load to a multi channel amp though. it'll blow fuses, go into protect, or over heat and go into thermal protection. if it doesn't do one of thoes and keeps playing, you'll prob fry something.

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