Red or yellow?


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im getting a h/o alt put in my 87 s10 and the place putting in said i should get a battery and they recommended the yellow top which they sell for $225(cdn) is the red top a big difference b/c the local walmart seels it for $140cdn(for one model) and $160cdn(for the other) or should i jsut go with the yellow top from the shop diong the install...thanx in advance

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the red top is more of a starter battery then a yellow top, which is more in line for audio.

check out optima's web site for more details.

also, theres a couple threads about this same thing, you should check thoes out.

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Well - a red top is not deep cycle, so if your voltage ever drops below 12v with a red top, you're damaging it.

I destroyed a red top (even with a HO alternator) in about 3 weeks.

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red top is high cranking amps... for under hood. NOT for system!!

yellow = for system, deep cycle....

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