Other options besides new alt


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I have a mazda3, and if anyones knows that car, the you know that changing the alternator is not possible. So I was thinking of running a SX15 with the RE 12.1 amp or KX1200.1, but is my alternator going to be able to take that. So are there any suggestion as to what I should do because a new alternator is out of the quesion, I plan to upgrade teh stock battery with a yellow top, but if i need another battery i will do that. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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um your alternator will just slowly die and eventually go out if you don't upgrade it...batterys and caps will help but like i said your alt will kill itself...

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you need a bigger alternator, or you need yours rewound.
there is no alternative to this since the alternator is the sole source of power when the car is running.

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