Stinger Amp Wire?


I have been told that stinger is one of the best amp wire for the money. Is this true? Is there a better kind of amp or rca wire for the money? With no price in mind, who makes the best power and rca wire?

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power - no reason to spend much money on it. As long as the wire is thick enough and flexible enough to meet your needs it will work fine.

RCA's - you can get high quality 17' cables for $20 or less. Generally it comes down to durability. Some of the cheapo's tend to use cheap connectors that weaken over time and don't make a very good connection at the amp/HU. As long as you avoid the $5 stuff at Wal-Mart etc any cables will be decent.
I prefer unshielded twisted pairs (UTP). Stinger Hyper is my usual recommendation, but I use some SoundQuest's (made by stinger) that are Hyper knock off's for a few dollars less. I paid about $10 a piece shipped for my 17' cables.

Stay away from braided shileds - usually a little on the expensive side, and completely useless electrically.

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