I need help Glasswolf.......... Alternator?amp?Sub?'s Help me


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i have a 1995 hyundai accent two door. i bought a boss audio pd-4000 amp and two audio bahn 1200n 12 inch woofers i have a kenwood deck mp-625 that puts out 50x4, the amp puts out 500 watts at 2 channels rms sopposedly at 4 ohms, 900x2 at 2 ohms, 1500 watts atx2 at 1ohm, the twelves i got are 700 watt 4ohm rms with a peak power of can i hook them up at two ohms? they are dual voice coils!!!!! the max for the speakers 1400 watts..... i read all the stuff about capacitors and alternators and battery upgrades i want to go with battery and alternator upgrades but i dont know how much power i need. How many amps should my alternator push for that much power????? what kinda battery should i get????? im having trouble finding stuff that fits my car!!!! the best i found so far is 170 amps for alteranator is that enough??? excessive amperage people didnt answer the phone!!!! also how should i hook the subs up for the BADDEST sound i can get ...... and what kinda box/materials should i put them in>>> please help me GLASSWOLF or anyone THANK YOU.... and yeah i know most of u think boss audio sucks but for the price u cant beat it>>>>>>

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bridge the amp and do this -

Be careful with the gain. That amp probably doesn't do rated power, but if you clip it there may be enough power available to damage your subs.

I would definitely agree that you're going to need an alt upgrade for your car. 170A should be MORE than enough. That will more than double your stock alt's output. Even at idle you'd probably have 50A of free current -- that translates into a TON of audio (music) power.

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