Alpine vs Pioneer - Head Unit Face Off !!!


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I'm looking for some suggestions on getting a good head unit. I'm totally new to this so I don't know anything about anything. I eventually plan to get component speakers, woofers, amps etc. So the unit has to be capable of handling the load. After doing some research I'm leaning towards Alpine or Pioneer brands. You can recommend other brands as well if you want to. I heard that Alpine units have been giving some problems this year. If that is true, then I guess Pioneer would be the best choice (right?). What are some good models that suit my needs? I drive a 2005 Mustang so double din players will fit as well. Here is what I expect from the unit:

1) Price should be between $300 - $500.
2) Has to support iPod integration. I don't mind getting an adapter, but I have to be able to control the iPod through the head unit. Would also prefer to have the adapter/iPod out of sight, like in the glove box etc. if possible.
3) Capability to handle components, amp(s), woofers.
4) Should have at least a 5 band equalizer.

1) Preferably one that is capable of connecting to an MP3 changer (same brand as the HU I guess), since I have quite a few MP3 cds. I'm sure this probably limits my options.
2) The display should be bright during the day and not too bright during the night. So I guess an adjustable brightness level would be a plus.
3) A remote would be nice.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions. If you don't have any suggestions, then thanks for taking the time to read this post. :-)

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pioneer premier is very nice and the advanced models have alot of nice features..alpine is alright but if i was putting alot of money into it i would go with pioneer alpine is slipping lately

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I've had both and the Pioneer 860 sounded best to me.

The Alpine I had was one of there best units, a 9815 with the 6 D2A's and 4 volt out also had there pro bass.

The Alpine was a little better built but the Pioneer is way more advanced and has better SQ.

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yea if u want the better sq go with the pioneer

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I was an Alpine fan for the longest time, and still am, but I am happier with my Pioneer/Premier DEH-P770MP at this point in time!

The looks, features and SQ rule with this unit!

[img] m&type=garage_mod&image_id=233[/img]

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ive just bought a Alpine CDA-9812RB looks awesome, soundas great but a pain to setup!!

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