Can someone explain 4 ohms vs 1 ohm


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Ok, im new to this whole sound system thing. Anyways my question: WHat is the difference between running 4 ohms vs 1 ohm. WHAT are the perks of running each, compared to the dangers/fallbacks??? Lastly, how to you hook up the wires to run at 4 ohms vs 1 ohm, if you sub has two pairs of voice coils???

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Unless you're really getting into the technical details, for basic knowledge, there is no real difference. When running different impedances, the main thing is that you match the speaker to the amp that you're running to it.
Lots of information for you at

When running a dual voice coil (DVC) speaker, having the extra coil just gives you more wiring options (more amp choices possible).

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4 ohms is optimal, b/c it puts the least amount of strain on your amplifier. and there is an argueable gain in SQ as well due to amplifier performance.

the more ohms, the less power, but the more stability, and less heat and amplifier has.

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like jake said, the dual voice coil gives you more wiring options. Lets say you have a brand x sub with dual 2 ohm voice coils. Now, these voice coils can be wired in series to present a single 4 ohm load. These voice coils can also be wired in parallel to present a single 1 ohm load. Now lets say you have a brand z amp that puts out 250w at 4 ohm, 500w at 2 ohm, and 1000w at 1 ohm. Now, with this amp you would probably wire the sub in parallel to get the most out of you amp< considering also that the sub can handle that much power. Now lets say you have a brand y amp that puts out 250w at 4 ohm and 500w at 2 ohm, but its not 1 ohm stable (which many amps arent). this means you will probably fry you amp if you present it with a 1 ohm load from your sub becuz it isnt stable that low. You will then have to wire your sub in series to present a 4 ohm load, which your amp can handle. You wont be getting the full potential from your amp, but if its only 2 ohm stable, you should get a dual 4 ohm sub so that you can wire it in parallel and get a single 2 ohm load. I hope this helps...

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and go here to see wiring diagrams that show you how to wire in parallel and series to get different loads

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thx Muddy, i always wanted to know that.

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Main difference in sq between 1 and 4 ohms would be damping...

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