Ford Explorer 6 disk magazine stuck


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I have a 1997 ford explorer, and until the past week I had had no problems with my cd changer. I have a 6 disk cd magazine. Over the past week it was unable to read a few cds, and now the magazine is stuck. It won't allow its self to be pushed back down and in so songs can be played, nor will it push out. It's stuck in the middle. How can I get this out? thanks!

Melissa Pendleton
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I am having the EXACT same problem also with a 97 explorer and I took it to Ford and they have no idea how to fix it. They said they would send it out to either be fixed or replaced but it would be $300! I need another solution.

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$300? You can get a new unit that's much better than your current one for that amount. Those guys are crooks.
If you have the skills, you can always open it up.

Michael Hugh
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I have the same deal with my 97 Explorer. I pulled the cd changer out over the weekend and took the 3 piece cover off. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I put it back together. Now, do I send it to a repair depot or replace it? If the answer is replace, any recommendations? Thanks for the help.

I have a 96 explorer. I had the same problem changer was stuck. I got on the passenger side and used a long screwdriver and got it out. I did mess up the changer a little but I got the case out. It works fine now. I have the screwdriver with me in the car -just in case.So I'm now looking for a new magazine that holds 6 cds. Do you guys know of any websites that are cheap?

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I found this guy on Ebay that makes these repairs. vice_W0QQitemZ8028349634QQcategoryZ43948QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

I'm sending my stuck cd changer into him. Damn 97 Explorers.

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