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Okay, we just bought a VERY nice '97 Dodge Intrepid. However it has this 'United States Auto Security' remote entry/alarm. When we purchased the vehicle the alarm automatically reset itself every 15 minutes, locked and armed after 15 minutes of leaving the vehicle and was not overly sensitive but if it armed while you had the door open, it would go off when you shut it. This worked for us considering the kids are notorious for not locking the car. However we had the thermostat replaced last week and since then there have been a few changes that no one who worked on it seems able to explain, though OBVIOUSLY someone did something to the alarm.
Now the LED dash light is on when the vehicle is on (not the flashing one that says it's armed, this one is on the dash by the steering wheel). And the alarm never goes off. I could hit it with our other car and it wouldn't go off (not that I would). The only sound out of it is a honk of the horn when we open the door after disarming and unlocking.

Does anyone have any idea what I should look for or how to get the alarm back in the same order it was? I tried looking up the FCC ID (ELV777K).


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I have had a 91 Land Cruiser for about a month with a US Security alarm system. FCC ELV777K. The system seems too sensitive and since I am not familiar with the system I do not understand the sounds. The car locks too quickly after I get out. How do I disarm it and slow down the response times?Thanks BM

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I'm having trouble with my remote for my alarm. It acts like the battery is going bad, but I had it checked out at a battery store and they said it checked out fine. I have to tap the remote several times to get it to work, sometimes taking 30 or 40 "whacks". The battery fits in tightly. How can I get it fixed or do I have to get a new remote? If so, how much for a new one and will it work with my present alarm system?

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I'm having the same problem and would like the same info. asked for by writer John Kubiak. Thanks, Jim Webber

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Recently I purchased a 1991 land cruiser, it came with only one key and one remote. The markings on the remote are "united states auto security" It also has the FCC ID, does anyone know where I can get a manual for the system and another remote? I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer!

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I am selling my classic 1990 Silver Miata. It only has 57,000 miles on it. I purchased it in 1993 with a United States Auto Security System installed, which works perfectly.

How much value should I add to the blue book value of the car for the United States Auto Security System???????
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