XBOX 360 (Microsoft) vs PS3 (Sony)


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hey i had this big arguement with my friend because he seems to think that sony makes a better game console and that ps3 has more and better games than xbox 360? does anyone know if this is true because he sure shut me up. i still think xbox 360 is the best out there. i think hes full of it.

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i think the 360 is better than the ps3! i have both systems and i only watch movies on my ps3 thats the only thing i use it for!

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Read that, we've had this discussion on here numerous times, and I along with most on here, support the 360...

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yeah so do i..i just needed solid proof or somekind of website to rub on his face.

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The PS3 has no game support what so ever. The games out there are garbage, the online world is a fraction as good as XBox Live. The only thing it has going for it is blu-ray player which Microsoft will be forced to bring out anyway once it wins the HD war. 360 rules, for one reason.Wicked Game titles. oh must I say...Gears of over.

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What about HALO 3 WTF GOW is gatbage now

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I would never buy a system for 2 games....PS3 FTW!!!

and I have both...

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ps3 looks better on paper, but xbox wins hands down, everyone knows how to program the 360, the ps3's cell processor is brand new technology and noone knows how to utilise it fully yet. for the moment 360 all the way, maybe ps3 will come back in a few years tho, watch this space

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I have a hard time finding for the best RPG games in Xbox 360 as i did not want to waste my money on games that are not very enticing.As far as i have researched, the reviews from other websites are that Elder scrolls IV : Oblivion was the best. I thought of Fable 2 was also the best game. So what is your choice?

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The biggest difference bewteen the 2 consoles is the amount of support they get.

The 360 gets way more support (and financing) for their online service, therefore it is more streamlined and tailored for an entertainment purpose.

Also, the 360 has way better 3rd party game developer support, considering nearly all of the blockbuster titles are developed by people that aren't under Microsoft.

the PS3, however, only has a few titles that are exclusive to its name and those titles are nearly all 1st party titles developed by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America) with little to no 3rd party support, and mostly all of their 3rd party titles are ports of 360 games that were developed from the ground up to look good on the 360's hardware.

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ps3 is
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