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O.k well ive read through all the moans and the grips about the guy in the van selling the speaker and i fell compelled to speak but first(just in case your unfimiliar with the quote un quote scam works lets go back in the way back machine)Your just coming out of say best buy or circuit city and your approched by a well dressed sometimes two white gentlemen in company uniforms who ask you if you would like some home theater speakers for a really good deal.Acyualy a steal of a deal.Why?Well because thier boss ordered 8 pairs of high end speakers instead of 4 pairs and if they dont sell them the boss will simply ship them back.They also have the invoices in hand with aspeaker magizine clutched in the other clearly showing you a picture and suggested price.Keep in mine the speakers are boxed and new with a suggested reatil price of maybe 2k on the box.The price that typicaly starts around 600 bucks and then they try an wiggle you down from thier? and ultimatley you seetle on a price probaly not as much as he wanted maybe half of the $600 hes asking.And now your at home looking at them wondering "did i just get fkng scamed?AHH not so fast my friend.As i was at best buy last night looking for a couple of speakers for my home sound system.what i found was 2 crappy speakers (120 max)49.99 for the pair.Actualy just bookshelf speakers.Thier was absoultley no wire included either so i plunked down another 15 bucks for that.Now am up to 65 bucks with my sh*ty speakers.So after taxes and an extention cord am looking at 80 bucks .So getting out in the parking lot am approached by the now infamous white guy in the white van(wich in my case was actualy a ford exploer)Wanna buy some speakers bro?He says.popping open the back of the ford he shows me the 2tower speakers(Aactualy the ones it sounds like alot of posts on this sight bought)but then he shows me this sweet 8 piece sorround sound system with a huge subwoofer that has its own built in reciver the speakers actually are small(but if you know speakers good ones can be little and still chip the paint of your walls BOOM) and mount to your walls but 2 have iron stands.Give me 600 he says i says nope give me $400 he says nope i says.I mean think about it i tell him if i had that type of money in the first place i wouldnt be at best buy getting crappy speakers that coulndt handle my recievers power back at home (i mean the ones i had just bought inside best buy were blow out specials,the first time they were ever turned up,however considerable better than computer speakers ha ha i wewre destined to pop.So i was like listen dude i dont have scratch like that and he said well whats the best you could do me for and i told him A hundred bucks and he promptly said thank you got in his speaker van and left.And before i had gotten out of the parking lot he pulled me over like he was a fkng cop flashing lights and he says o.k give me $120 bucks and i did .got them home and hooked them up through my Tv/dvd and my computer and guess what they freaking rock thier so loud and they dont crack delivering cd quality jams straight sourround sound.And i dare anyone go to kmart go to target with $120 and see what u get. and the souround sounds they offer actualy start at about150 and thats without a thumping azz sub woofer and wall mounts and iron speaker stands for christ sake dude if i would have gone back into best buy and said give me a monster subwoofer and a tight souround sound that thumps i would have left thier no less than $600-$1000 dollars light.Do i feel conned absoloutley not i got a tight system for a hundred and 20 bucks.Now if you paid more like 300 400 maybe even 500 i mean you didnt totaly gescammed i mean its not like you paid for a box full of bricks..Now on the subject of the two tower speakers for that much well you yeah you got scammed if you paid over 150 in my opion but if you were fortunate enough like me to get a system that beats hard tunes in surround sound for 120 bucks you came ahead in the game.Trust me.all youll have to do to confirm this is just look in this sundays salespaper and price suround sound systems with a subwoofer and laugh while you jam your new system cause baby you just saved some moneyP.s you are allowed to feel sorry for those poor souls who paid $375 and up for 2 tower speakers.

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i payed about that for mine and i guarantee they sound much better then yous.

but sratch that im glad your happy you made out good but theres been others that have bought speakers from people like that and realy did get scammed.

whos knows you only have 1 post you could be one of those well dressed white gentlemen in a company uniform your self just trying to get peole to trust the white van scam
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