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How about providing the option to filter out items that don't match your search criteria instead of adding 100+ products that don't match the criteria ?

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along similar lines... in the speakers review section, there's a nice popup window that lets you filter bookshelf speakers by brand name. great feature! it's too bad that it's only available in the speakers review sections. it's handy to be ablse to size up a particular brand you're interested in after you find a good review for it.

even NICER would be customizable filters for each member. eg. i'd never be interested in klipsch or bose speakers. my own "-klipsch -bose -ported -horn" filter would be nice. it's a bandwidth hog... i'm sure.

probably tougher to impliment... a pricing filter would be nice too like the "sort by price" feature at most shopping comparison engines (which RARELY include any serious hi-fi gear from more than one or two vendors if that)

while it's probably impractical to do... it sure would be a nice feature. if there were a piece of software that could either scan a review for price, or look it up in some price guide... it would really be cool to have a "-$1000+" filter

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Sorting by manufacturer is available now using the manually entered syntax "-not-bose" into the URL.


(It does not work for "ported" or "horn" at this time)

Your price filter suggestions are a long term goal.

Thanks for the ideas.


Was searching for Active Buyer's Guide in google and came up with a pretty neat site called Looks like they revamped it recently. Check it out if you can.
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