Admin, is this allowed?


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Our response to your question is below:


I have a proposal, though I want to make sure it would be alright to do it first. I've setup one of my pc's as an FTP server and have the software to rip music to disc and convert to mp3 format. My proposal is to make 30 second clips available for download for my friends, (regulars) here to sample recommendations. I would encode at 96kpbs, (less than cd quality). For the record, I am against music piracy on legal and moral grounds. My intent is not to mass-distribute free music but to provide *samples* which would expose people to, and who knows, possibly convince them to purchase music they might not of otherwise.

Posting copyrighted material to this board is forbidden. There is no fair use for 30 second clips, and it doesn't matter if music is sub cd quality or not.

If you own the copyright or have been granted a license, then you are welcome to post music.

Our terms and conditions has further information.

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Username: Sem

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Thanks for your reply, however my intent was not to post any music on your site. My intent was to post a note informing folks they can log into my ftp server to d/l 30 second clips. It would all be handled with PM's. If it puts you or your site in an awkward position, I will, of course, not do it.
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