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Me and My associate wish to open a Audio Hardware showroom (Brick and Mortar) mainly concentrating on the Amp, Receivers and the speakers with equal emphasis on Music and Movies both. Being a newcomer in this field I do not wish to take any chances and also want to have inputs from you guys on as to how that showroom/outlet be. I am basically looking forward to,

#1 Online sites/links on how to go about it from the scratch relating to the whole project as in Concept, designing, target customers, +ve and -Ve outcomes, failures, risks etc.

#2 Options in selecting the type of location, hardware to be selected, type of demo rooms, type of floor and ambience, facilities provided, shape of the showroom etc.

#3 The external and internal architecture and the art and decor of the showroom.

#4 And above all your inputs about the same.

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i can't think of anyone really who would know
those things except the owner of another one.

but they probably wouldn't want to show you and loose buisness.

i would either try to locate the contractor in
your area that built other ones simular to what
you are looking for.

and if you have visited enough elecronic showroom
booths you can get a general idea of what they
are doing.

you might even be able to find a contractor bye
serching on the web.

as for products i'm sure you know you need.

amps/speakers/dvd players/preamps/recievers
cables/tv's if you want large screen/projectors
and a whole bunch more.

then as far as brand you need to dicide if youre
going to be a highend shop or not.
that will determine what brands you should carry.

if you know wheather your going to be a highend
shop you could check out other ones see what they

you could also post here let us know what type of
shop and we could make suggestions.
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