Why can't i see the latest posts?


In the Home Audio/Receivers area I am looking at the "Kenwood VR-6070 THX/DPL2. Anyone has this unit?" thread with latest post by John Hackman 1380 07/14 11:56am.

Whe I click on this thread, the top of the page shows 13 pages ordered from oldest to newest, so I'm looking at the oldest on page 1. I click to page 13 to see the newest and it only shows the latest post to be 1/13 10:13am. Why?

How do I get to see the latest posts for a thread that has lots of posts?

The latests posts are always on the start page of a thread. For the Kenwood thread, the start page is:

If you are on page 13, you could also click one level backwards in the navigation trail:

Home > Discussions > BBS > Home Audio > Receivers > Kenwood VR-6070 THX/DPL2. Anyone has this unit? > Kenwood VR-6070 THX/DPL2. Anyone has this unit? (Page 13)
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