Either Shutdown/Eliminate or Cleanup Satellite forums!


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Username: Lklives

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Registered: Jan-06
As usual, we again have new Nicks (Poser posting and Ryerson Boi) who have recently registered their nicks and have COMPLETELY thrashed the DSS satellite forums..I suggest U immediately either clean it up, or ELIMINATE these forums, cause all they are is a garbage pit and magnet for trouble and spammers who are scamming money from good people...that reflects real good on Ecoustics!, especially to the hundreds of thousands of Dss satellite forums users who frequent many satellite forums...

word travels fast on the net....who would want to buy anything from a site sponsor here, a site which allows this constant garbage in their DSS satellite forums...soon U will have no satellite visitors to sell products to,.. and many who are into satellite also look and visit other forums here, so U will lose them too..and eventually your sponsors..

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Username: Warthog_lover

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LK is upset because others are sick and tired of his actions towards fellow forum members..

The only reason he is on the site is for his only personal gain. You will notice that he continues to post links to many sites [Even though this site has tried to block them] where is is getting paid by sponsor's for banner ad's...

He know this site drives traffic towards sites posted in the sat area.. Thats why he get so upset when a new user post a message about a new site.. He doesn't want too loose the traffic to anyone. It's money out of his pocket..

The filters need to be fixed to block out all of LK's sites..

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Username: Ryersonarmy_1

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Ryerson Boi IS "dsscommunity" and his intentions are 2 hassle members until they leave.

the member named "dsscommunity" is the real problem

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Username: Lklives

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Admin...do whatever U want, U are the admin..I may be a little rough on some members when they don't read, are lazy, and post stupid questions...but I have NO financial interests in ANY site, and my ONLY concerns are for the members here and their capabilities to learn here...

Due to the hundreds of NEW posts started yesterday/today by Ryerson Boi aka Poser posing aka dsscommunity, the Ecousics satellite forums have become TOTALLY useless and should either be eliminated or cleaned up!...and many I know, have already vowed not to return, so its your loss and eventually sponsors money!...so if NOT cleaned up, eventually it wil be greatly reduced of internet hits, and eliminated..

MY background, your sponsors, and the increase in membership numbers since my arrival here, speak for themselves!

The balls in your court!...and these new members are picking your pocket!

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Username: Wakenbake

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Registered: Mar-06
dont forget this pedophile
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