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I know it will probably sound like a crazy idea, but u should consider it.

I think we need a "no rules" zone. It would be great if we could have a forum where posters could go battle each other without wasting everybody else's time. A park for the brawlers to meet, i guess u could say.

It would limit the personal-attacks posted on threads that are important.

How many times have we seen a thread get hijacked by someone looking 2 start a war of words?

I think they're quite entertaining at times, and make for some good reading too. But, undoubtedly, the thread becomes a joke, as opposed to serving the original interest of the thread author - not to mention those looking for information.

I think the forums would look a lot cleaner, and there might be less interest in getting a moderator.

Again, u can think of it as a garbage can, or the local boxing gym, or the rapping corner, whatever. The point is that it could be beneficial to the site - providing some entertainment, while keeping the forums clean.

We could at least try it for a few months.

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yea men,very good idea! Im in...

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I agree absolutely with this idea, this is something that I have seen on the "Phatooine forums" they have a forum section called swearing and get this, Fight Club, it's all in good fun, and it really does help to realise tension and stress, but the same rules still apply, (No Flaming Members!) is allowed, you can say your day was this and that with no limit on the swearing word F, C , MF, CF, Cu. It's all about chilling out and once you have said a few of these words and read other members feelings about there day or there small problems everything is cool afterwards.

Give it a one month trial test if it works and keeps the rest of the Ecoustics forums, free from the hassle on the normal forum posts, well then you know you have something that's going to keep the rest of the site in order, also to bare in mind, what happens if a this happens on the rest of the forums, the swearing and the flaming, I don't think so, I have participated in the "Phatooine forums" now for 4 days since I joined and it is very friendly over there.

Give it a try, what will it hurt to try it out...

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Even if this is created, it won't stop people from fighting in threads. Arguments begin over topics that are created, no one is gonna leave that thread to move to another one to begin a fight, they'll say what they have to say in that thread.

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MOST ALL REAL forums have a "RANT" section, but we don't need that, cause this entire site here is a RANT ..
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