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Username: Van_man

Boston South, MA

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Registered: Mar-06
Suggestions, Stop the car forum from going down Feedback, It sux when the car forum goes down.

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Username: Drsmith

Montana USA

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Registered: Nov-04
agreed, its rediculous how much its down

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Username: Basshead86

Try Google

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Registered: Aug-05
Admin, can you give us any insight upon our situation?

Thank you.

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Username: Van_man

Boston South, MA

Post Number: 1140
Registered: Mar-06
every night this week....Seems evertime I get on it goes down.
Lie to us, tell us you need to take it down to make room for an OT area. Your updating bandwith, any thing....

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Username: Ke5aqn

Shawnee, OK USA

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Registered: Sep-06
did this get fixed?

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Username: Nyyfan13


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Registered: Jul-06
it hasnt been down in a while except for once for couple hours. but im not complainging about those hours. im impressed its been up for so lon w/o going down

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Username: Delsole

Post Number: 1217
Registered: Feb-05
what do you mean car forum
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