I can't find the button for my recent posts


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i've looked all over trying to find the button for my recent posts. the first place i checked was the "check new messages" which is just a wall of noise of topics i've never visited. then i looked in edit profile... nope, no post list there. then i went to the bottom of the forum page and selected the search feature where i highlighted the box with my user name and performed a search. i STILL didn't get a list of forums that i replied to. :-(

the VERY FIRST thing that i want to do when i visit the forums is check EVERY string that i've replied to for new comments. the problem is that there's absolutely NO link buttons that i can find to get to them.

i once saw a list of just half a dozen of the most recent strings that i replied to, but i have no idea where THAT list is, and it's too short a list anyways.

there should be an EASY TO FIND link for AT LEAST the last 20 strings i've replied in somewhere. i remember reading that a similar feature is here, but it's definately hidden in some back alley of this board. i can't find it. it should be at the top of the forums page, or even better on the home page. it shouldn't be hidden.

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To find all of your posts, go to the search page.

Check "Search by keyword:"
Search for: Enter your Full Name (e.g. budget minded)
Keyword options: And (Match All Keywords)
Match method: Whole Words Only
Match case: doesn't matter
Look in: Name of Authors

I realize this is not that easy. We will work on adding a simple link. Thank you for your patience.

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You can also enable your "E-mail Notification" settings in your profile by checking the boxes:

[ ] My own posts
[ ] Replies to my posts

Then you will automatically receive an e-mail every time someone replies to a thread or post you started or responded to.
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