This forum REALLY needs a censor button


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i'm really starting to get annoyed with trash talking attackers on this board. i come here to try and be helpful... not deal with big mouth idiots that i want to fight to the death for their insolence.

please add a censor feature.

then those trash talkers who hate me for not backing down from them can just censor me as i'd like to do them and never have to deal with them again.

i just got out of a thread that was being totally civil until a member brought trash up from another seperate thread into that one.

if this keeps up, i'll just leave the forums altogether as i have better things to do than allow instigating vermin stress me out.

if this is too much to ask of the forum...
make it easy and just ban me.

if members keep egging me on... i'm not going to stop going for their throats.

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We are planning a board upgrade to incorporate many of the features suggested. Thank you for your patience.

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i have no impatience whatsoever with ecoustics. this forum is EXTREMELY responsive to suggestions. it's also a great resource for learning as well as offereing help. it isn't (or shouldn't be) your job to babysit everyone.

it's just a shame that one or two party poopers can try to spoil it for everyone else once in a while. instead of letting myself get baited any further, i chose to just stay away from the infuriating thread instead of sinking to a lower level. one can't get hooked if one doesn't take the bait... right?

thanks for always trying to improve ecoustics admin. not visiting the thread anymore did wonders for my adrenalin level. i wish i did it sooner, and didn't bring a grumpy attitude in here. thank you for YOUR patience.

i'm not proud of my hair trigger b.s. threshold.

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"We are planning a board upgrade to incorporate many of the features suggested. Thank you for your patience."

Long before you developed plans to upgrade the board, you have had the authority and the technical ability to ban those members who intentionally, repeatedly and without provocation badger other members. So far you've chosen not to. It seems to me that if you don't have the resolve to do that, the changes you allude to will be but a band-aid on a gaping wound.

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And, the BS will continue.

Administrator, you should have a fairly clear idea who is responsible for the problems on the forum. If you have any doubts, just look at the "Receivers" and "Speakers" sections of "Home Audio". You have the right to ban anyone you see fit. Everyone supposedly agreed to the same rules of civility when they registered as forum members. There is little communication going on at those two areas since anything that is posted gets an insulting response from the peanut gallery. It's not worth the effort to try to help anyone at this point.

If you choose not to ban anyone, please moderate the forum on a more frequent basis so it stays on track with the topic of the thread.

These problems generally do not occur on portions such as "Phono" or "Integrated Amplifiers". Occasionally; but not often.

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