A couple of questions...


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What does this mean?:

One of the files required to complete this operation has been locked by another process. Please wait 5 seconds and then submit your request again. [4-tree.txt]

Please contact Forum Administrator if this problem persists.

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I get it about every 20 posts. It isn't major, but does prove annoying...

Also, why do links to ebay not work correctly? When I post the link, numbers are changed into percent signs rendering it useless.

Lastly, can you make the forums more directly accessible from the home page? Just to get to the subwoofer forum in car audio(for example), I have to click through 3 links before I can begin viewing threads.

Thank you for your time.

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I have seen that error before. It means two people are posting at the same time and a common access file is temporarily locked. We are working on a fix.

Ebay links are discouraged to prevent spamming.

I understand your concerns about accessibility. We are considering a re-designed homepage to improve navigation. Your suggestions are welcome.
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