Why dont i get replies? Need advice...


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Username: Cyberian

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Registered: 02-2004
Have posted 2 msgs. Its been quite a while since i poted the first one. I have read some rave answers otherwise on ur site. Are there any probs with my questions? Pls help, im stuck.

Username: Admin

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Registered: 12-2003
There are no problems with your posts. It's hard to predict how quick questions will be answered.

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Username: Cheapskate

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Registered: Mar-04
the answers you get might have something to do with what questions you're asking. if a question is about one specific piece of equipment, then very few people will have experience with it.

eg. if i see a "rotel or arcam?" post, i won't answer it as i've never used either brand and only know that both are respected.

if you posted an "acoustic suspension or ported speakers?" post, you could bet a dollar that i'd have something to say there.

most of the posts i've visited have been very general and so far ONLY in the reciever category. oh... and this one.
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