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How accurate do you feel these are? Could the company in question write good reviews and pain in the buts trying to do harm for the sake of doing harm write bad reviews? Do you have input into what companies shoew on your price comparison list? If so, why would you let obviously poor companies get listed on your site.
I refer to:

in the last 6 months half of the reviews are bad siting late and out of stock, lies and poor customer service. Even one 4 star review stated the company did not have an item in stock as stated but was only a day late. Still a lie in my book.

I am looking to purchase an item and love the info you have here. Thanks

Our goal is to provide the most complete information we can about merchants selling products on the Internet. We believe it is very important for our users to have as much information as possible to make an intelligent purchase. We do our best, hard as it sometimes is, to refrain from making value judgments about merchant practices,
unless they are clearly acting in a fraudulent manner or are known to be breaking the law. We have removed merchants from our site in the past for such behavior and continue to monitor all merchants closely. However, we have found that many users want access to as many merchants as possible so they can make their own choices.

The Merchant Rating System was specifically designed to allow inclusion of a wide variety of merchants, while providing detailed information based on actual user experience. In this way, a customer can make decisions based on personal preferences. For example, a merchant may consistently ship later than promised. While this is acceptable for some, it maybe totally unacceptable to others. Some users feel comfortable with merchant up-sales while others do not. We aim to make a useful site for all users by giving them as much information as possible.

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Is eCoustics Admin?

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i think
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