What is you best song that you hear on the radio?


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Montgomery, Missouri United states

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my favorite song is that song go home get stoned

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Radio sucks... that is all.

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AM radio suckz all day fo realz

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Ferry Corsten-Rock Your Body Rock

On XM, channel 81 :-)

Best song ever.

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I'm surprised AM radio is still around.

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It has to be solely due to the talk channels, the others are absolutely awful.

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i never listen to the radio.
which is funny, b/c i NEVER used to listen to CD's in my car until i got my first aftermarket cd player.

occasionally i would listen to something, but until i got my aftermarket pioneer, and started to notice the huge diff. between radio and CD, and between my stock and aftermarket Cd player, and then started to burn cd's.....never again did i listen to the radio...too many commercials. all the music is censored so it sounds bad. and the reception is never top notch.

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^No doubt. I actually can't remember a time when I listened to AM/FM in my car instead of a CD. Once I got XM, I almost forgot AM/FM existed :-)

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it appears some stations use a EQ & sometimes u cant hear much bass on certain stations & the clarity makes ur SQ system sound like POO .......

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justin timberlake has the best song on radio.. haha

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"it appears some stations use a EQ & sometimes u cant hear much bass on certain stations & the clarity makes ur SQ system sound like POO"

Just the oppasate...
Some interesting reading.
This explains why some songs sound good, clean, crisp, while others sounded muddy. I like U2, but songs from their new album , (on FM) always sounded terrible at higher volumes, like they were clipping. But songs I burnt on cd at 128 bpm sounded cleaner. And this article explains why.

And best song...Depech Mode, In your room. (Portishead remix)

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go home, get stoned, cause the sex is so much better when you're mad at me!

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Pink Floyd. ... Money, its a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. New car, caviar, four star daydream, ...

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Jennifer, I would love to have s&eX with you are you a shemale and if so do you take it up the A$%$ hole!

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Pine hill, Nj US

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Hi all!!!

My recent pick is Madonna's Hung up. It rocks......

Jenny Jobs
Music Reviewer
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