Need advice on mp3 CD Player & FM Transmitter


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(Apologies if this is a repost - I didn't find my previous message on the board)


I plan on going on a cross country trip soon, and was looking to buy an mp3 CD player & FM transmitter to entertain me on the way.

Any suggestions on good ones (I live in the US)? It clearly shouldn't be expensive (otherwise I'd just buy a car mp3 player).

Features that are probably must haves:

External Power Adapter support (not too important)

CD-R support (CD-RW is a plus - I think all support both anyway?)

When I stop a track, it should be able to continue from within the track at the same place I left it.

Fairly low power consumption (I'm not sure this is much of an issue these days)

Playlist Programmability.

Ability to seek through a single track (if a track is 20 minutes long, I should be able to jump, say, to the 15th minute).

Also want an FM transmitter:

Good quality (of course) in the dustance range used in my car.

Large number of frequencies to choose from.

The only one I could find reviews for was the Belkin Tunecast II.


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I also am looking for an mp3 cd player after mine finally quit. I was very happy with my old one, but I can't find one similar to it. As for you, Beetle, instead of an FM transmitter I would recommend a tape deck adaptor, which run for $10-20. If you really want an FM transmitter, I recommend the Belkin adaptor, but my RCA tape deck adaptor serves me very well.
What I am looking for in a new mp3 cd player is:

Price range: under $70

Large screen (at least a 2-line full text display, but the larger the better. My old one had 2 lines of text displaying 16 characters each, a line of numbers, and a line of decals to show type of file, mode, etc.)

Ability to play either Atrac3 or WMA format (not esential: Atrac3 playback is preferable to WMA playback).

Long battery life is not my highest concern, but the longer the better.

NOT a mini-cd player: I want either a minidisc player or a normal CD-R/RW player.


Equalizer settings

Remote control is a plus but not necessary; if it has its own screen, even better.

Full ID3 tag support, as well as displaying filename.

Not all of these are essential, and I want to try to stick to my budget. Thanks in advance for any help.


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I just got a Sony D-NE270 for $80 Canadian.

Pretty low-end, but it has long battery life, MP3 and Atrac3Plus support, and ID3 and everything. :-)

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Check out the Coby brand...They are the only ones that I know of that have everything you want PLUS the fm Transmitter...I've been looking for another brand for a while now with no luck...I will let ya know if I find anything different.

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I am converting .WAV files from a digital voice recorder to MP3, and either the MP3 files are much larger (~4x) or the quality is much worse. What are the best MP3 parameters to use?
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