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ive had my MP3 since Christmas and about a week ago i plugged my mp3 into the computer to put some more music on it. When i unplugged it from the computer the screen turned white. So now it wont let me listen to my music because when ever i turn it on the screen turns from its normal "sandisk" logo to white then fades to purple then black! and i have no idea how to fix it because when ever i plug it into my computer it doesnt even say its plugged in (prob. because i cant even get the mp3 completely turned on to go to the main menu) and i tried taking the back off the mp3 and poping out the battery but that didnt work eather!

whats wrong with it and how do i fix it!?!?!?

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it must be hardware problem,maybe you have to take to someone to repair it.

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hi my mp3 player was playing up so i took the songs off and then i tried to put them on again but it didn't work,it said that there is no more space on it and it empty.....HELP

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I think everyone who has commented has been having trouble because the model or make of the mp3 player is not great to begin with. I've had a few problems in the past with usually cheaper player makes, where it won't switch on, or recognise compatible files when they are clearly on the device, etc.

After your sure it's not working, my advice is to buy another player, but choose a make and model that has been getting good reviews. It doesn't need to be an expensive player but it should be clearly a good quality one. I like Creative players, and iriver seems worthwhile too.

Being usually plastic and small, these players are probably not meant to last for years, but choose a good one and take care of it and you might be surprised.

Hope that helps.

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My RCA H100A will not come on it has one bar

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Is it charged?
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