Usual iPod mini software installation issues


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So, I just got a new iPod mini and experienced the classic Apple-Windows interface cooperation, which is to say, none whatsoever. When I went through the installation process with the CD that came with the iPod with iPod Updater 2004-4-28 and whatever version of iTunes, the installation would constantly stall out when the software requested that I hook up my iPod to be configured. It would tell me it was being configured, but would actually do nothing. So I eventually hit the "cancel" button and let it go through the rest of the installation including putting iTunes on my computer. When I opened iTunes, it did not recognize the iPod. In fact, it told me "An iPod has been detected, but the software is not installed. Go to and get the latest software."

So I am already appalled that a device designed to work with proprietary software, especially the software it came with, does not. The computer assigned the iPod to drive H: or I:, so it certainly wasn't a drive letter conflict. I tried to run the iPod updater software on the CD, but it told me that the firmware and hardware were not compatible.

I tried everything on this link:
But nothing worked.

Then I call Apple support (1-800-275-2273), and they put me through the same paces above to no avail. In the end, they tell me to go download the latest iPod updater and iTunes and Windows XP Service Pack 2, because apparently, the updater requires SP2.

I install SP2 and am appalled to find that my computer no longer recognizes the CD-RW or DVD hardware anymore. Apparently, this is not a fluke. SP2 is well-known to wreak havoc all over the place sometimes in even more severe ways. Why Apple made their software depend on such a poor update, I cannot figure out.

I decided NOT to keep SP2 on my computer permanently. Instead, I installed the newest iPod Updater, which thankfully restored the factory settings to the iPod, and then installed iTunes, which thankfully recognized my iPod. I made sure that the iPod was set up for hard drive usage, and then promptly un-installed iPod Updater, iTunes, and, most importantly, Service Pack 2.

This restored my computer to its normal, fully functional self, and I am now using RealPlayer v10.5 to manage music on my iPod.

My recommendation to every with these configuration problems is to use SP2 and iPod Updater only to get the iPod going, but not to use them afterwards because of above problems.
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