Philips GoGear ! Error fix!


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Ok a lot of you get the Exclamation error on start up the one that looks like its over a piece of paper.

Have you also noticed that when you turn it on normally it flashes and the Philips logo does not come up?

Here is why: That little hard drive inside your GoGear can't detect its own hard drive because the pin that scans for data is out of sync therefore it wont communicate or respond to commands to format it or install the new firmware.

When you boot it up put it to your ear do you hear the same sound over and over again? That the trackings pin trying to find date but it can't its fecked!

How to fix it: You're going to love this!

1. If you have bought it bran new let me say sorry it's a pain.
2. It's still under warrant so you may as well try anything right?

I plaid around with mine for two days I tried everything but the piece of junk wouldn't respond it would only try and communicate with the PC.

Get some pillows and place them somewhere you can hurl the GoGear without obliterating it in one single throw.

THROW IT at the pillows.

The tracking pin on the hard drive is stuck it needs nudge.
I threw mine at my living room phone it bounced of it and I picked it up and it started up normally and everything has been working fine ever since.

If you are a little more tack full than me try opening it up and moving the tracking pin inside.

Seriously it works.
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