I think I killed my RCA Lyra 2317, please help


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I just recently got a lyra 2317 still new in the package and I think it's been killed already.

What I've done is this, Straight from the package I put the battery in and connected it to my pc (win xp sp2) and proceeded to update the firmware and lyra software from the site. Everything went smooth with the firmware and software update, so I then proceeded to transfer mp3's over to lyra by copy/paste from computer to lyra under the E: drive. I organized the songs on the lyra under folders for individual groups names and then put the mp3's into the folders. After filling the lyra to about 97% full I ran the profiler program provided and everything went fine.

At this point is where I think I killed it. I then reach over and unplugged the player from the usb cable, receiving the windows dingdong sound for disconnecting a device and the lyra turned off and now I can not get it to turn back on. I have tried several different good batteries just incase the one included w/ the package was bad, and none have worked. I've tried leaving the batteries out for a 24 hr period in the hopes it might "reset" and turn back on to no avail. Plugging it back into the usb and connecting it to the pc results in nothing. Did I update w/ the wrong firmware, fry it by unplugging it from the usb, or is there hope? Any suggestions or comments/questions are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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