Xiron mp3 problems


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Hello!i have an mp3 player from Xiron at 128 MB.i didn`t konw and i format him in windows when i put my music on him the on the mp3 player screen says UNformat.i tryed to put the sistem again from the cd criver but the software on my coumputer does not see him!pls help me

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I had a similar problem with my MP3, I had had problems with certain files and I thought that reformating the MP3 would actually help but then I made it much worse. my computer would not recgnize the device and it would not run. If you have the original CD for the MP3 you are on the other side if not you are in a bit of a problem. You have to plug the mp3 without battery and the computer will now dettect a new usb device. then on the cd you will see one of the tools that has a USB icon double click on it and make sure that the application has boothable selected. finally click on ok and this will reformat the MP3 with the original files and the ones needed for it to play. put the battery back on and you should be ok to work on it again. I discovered this by accident but hope it work for you. if you don't have the program i might be able to assit

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Hello I'm Nicole from the Netherlands and my English is really bad, so I hope you understand me. I have an mp3 player from Xiron 265MB. I have deleted the file 'setting' (or another file name) when I was deleting some songs on the MP3 player. Now my MP3 player has no reaction. He makes contact to the computer and I can put songs on it, but if I have no connection to the computer, my MP3 player do nothing.

Do you know the name of the file I deleted? Can you please send me the file or does anyone know were I can download it?



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Hello !
I am now in Netherlands (Eindhoven) and I bought Xiron Mp3 player 128 MB.

Ok i will try to answer your questions hope it will help you.

for valentinseverin
well when u connect Mp3 player in WinXP, you will see removable disk. right click on this drive and click format and then choose file system as FAT and not FAT32 and now format drive and after format save some MP3 on drive .remove safely and now play it. Hope it will work. Flash memory sticks generally dont know FAT32 file system so u need to format using simple FAT.

For holland

there is no such file needed. But i also face same problem while running player on battery it wont start at all though battery is new one. The thing i discovered is...remove battery from player and also remove from computer. And now put battery after 1 min I guess. and player will start now. Also read manual.It says to wait for 3 seconds. but that time is too short. I waited till one minute put charged battery and it started playing... But i guess this is not good solution...:-(

Hope you will find this tips helpful..

Best Regards!

/ Yogesh Bhole

Hi, oh my god, i've never seen such a mp3 player with sooo many problems. I'll give this b***** mp3 player back, where it belongs to - certainly to hell.
i would definitely not recommend buying any music products of xiron... sorry, but that's my opinion.


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I have xiron mp3,256M and I haven't faced any problems....It is working properly for about 10 months.I like it really very-much.
See you!!!

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Hee Peoples !!
I have good news. I have format my MP3 speler with FAT and I have found the file which I had removed. The name of the file is "settings.dat". Now my MP3 player works. Thanks for helping me !!

Greets Nicole.


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can some one email me operating manual of xiron mp3player ?

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Can u please inform me , from where can I get operating manual of XIRON MP3 PALYER?
KANCHAN ...India

can someone email me the file "settings.dat" for xiron mp3 128 mb.

Hi !
I have Xiron Mp3 player 128 MB. last night when y listening it's closed. and y try to open but i can't :-( i change battary but not work. when y press the power button strongly, write this in screen. starting... after it's shut down. y press long time to power button in this time it's on&off 3 time and after open but screen is frozen. when i plug to computer it's not work :-( is Any one Help ME ?

Please Contact ME
msn :

Greet From TURKEY

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I have a Xiron Mp3 player 256 MB and whenever I try to copy music on it, it keep showing in the screen "no music files" and the mode button is not working at all. Is there any one who knows anything that can help me? Thanks a lot.

Pere from Girona.

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I have an mp3 player from memup 1Gb
After I format the drive I can see that it has used space. Big amount of used space after formating.
Also most of the times it does not play the mp3 that I've just copied.
someone pls help me

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Username: Brigitte

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bonjour j'ai deux mp3 mais je n'ai plus les cd d'installation pouvez-vous m'aider
un xiron
un lazer modele ph3a 256 maga bytes

Format the device in "FAT" system and it will work again .. I had the same problem "unformat" and 10x to this post`s it is working again .. 10 guys !!

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Username: Tawwy

Amsterdam, Noord Holland Nederland

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Hi! I have the Xiron 265MB and I have a odd problem too.
When I plug my MP3 player in the USBport, it gives me no reaction at all... I tried re-plugging and other USB-ports but still nothing. When I put my webcam in the smae USBport I DO get a reaction. I tried reinstalling the CD-rom I got with it, but nothing helps...
The MP3 seems to work further, I just can't get it to connect with my computer... ARGH! lol
Grtz, Chantal from the Netherlands

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Username: M_henriquez

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I have receive a Xiron MP3 256 MB player from a family of mine who live in Nederland.
I live in Curacao and the MP3 player is not working.
What does it do?

After installing the battery it goes on directly.
The display comes up with "starting......(follow by the) Xiron logo".
Then you see a little boy trowing a letter in a letter box.
After that you cannot swicth it off or on and non of the buttons is reacting when you press them.
I connect the player via the USB port with the computer, also this is not working.
To turn it off, I have to pull the battery.

If there is someone who can help or is familiar with this situation, please contact me.
My email adress is "".

Best regards!

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Username: Sofia_andrade

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Hello, I have a Xiron MP3, I entered a password but forgot it and now the MP3 doesn't work, is there a way to reset it. Please let me know, my e-mail is


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Username: Chuckster

Elkhorn, Ne Usa

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my mp3 player worked for about 3 weeks when i turned it on it gave me a disk error turned it off and then back on..this time it said it was starting but did not start...plugged it into my computer and the computer would not recognize the player...the player when turned on still states that it is starting but will not any suggestions

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Username: Leoxiron

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my mp3 has a problem.
when i turned it on it started to hang up. when i turned it off i have to pull the battery .but when i connect it to my computer, it function properly. my cousin told me that i to reformat it.
pls. tell me what to do.
here's my e-mail add

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Username: Mattioo

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Hello!i have same problem as mr valentinseverin ,,,i have an mp3 player from Xiron at 128 MB.i didn`t konw and i format him in windows when i put my music on him the on the mp3 player screen says UNformat.i tryed to put the sistem again from the cd criver but the software on my coumputer does not see him!pls help me ,,, plz help me fast send me emails on ,,, and thnx for any help

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Username: Ich

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my xiron mp3 didn't worked like it should so i used an other software but now nothings works.
Does someone now were i can download the software?

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Username: Shanroo

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Hi! I've a Xiron mp3 player, it's works as a pendrive, but it don't turn on from battery, and it don't turn on, when i replace the battery. If somebody have ideas about this, or flash files for the player, please mail me: shanroo at gmail dot com
(chipset: sigmatel stmp3502, memory: samsung)

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Username: Hawree

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Hi i am from holland as wel.

I have an xiron USB mp3, son it's not an iPod or anything. My problem is it can't get started.
At first it did and it showed (Starting) and then my musix appeared, but now it only says (Starting) and nothing else. Help me with this problem pls.

Thank you in advance,

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Username: Shekeb

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hi to every one
i got a xiron 256 mp3 player from my family first it worked after a couple of months it become death when i connect to my computer, my computer detects a hardware and actually i dont have the driver to install it so can anyone help me if yes please email me i will appreciate it.

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Username: Shanroo

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Dear Khawaja!
If you're using WinXP, you can handle as a pendrive. If you are using other Windows an MPman driver will work.

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Username: Mp860

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Dear xiron mp3 users,

I've recently bought a Xiron mp3(model 860). I have tried uploading(cut&paste-if there is another method(s), please let me know how). the Music bit went smoothly, but the Vidoe & photo & e-book is proving to be a difficult.

To start with I have some avi files and I try to cut&paste it to mp3. all I am getting is "file format error". I then used the avi convertor that came with it, to convert my avi files(thinking that it may do something to the file to make it more suitable for my mp3. that proved to be useless.

I than tried to upload some test photo to the player. I have only JPG format, is that totally different from the JPEG, if it is then I see where the problem lies.

Next came the E-book. does the text have to be in .text and .txt or .pdf is not good enough? again I got the same "file format error" message.

Can someone please show me or show me the direction(s) to how I can upload these 3 components(video,text,e-book)into my mp3. Their help will be greatly appreciated.


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Username: Mcmurphy


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My friend bought this mp3 model 860(or mp4 player- because it has video option?!?-I don't know) so I know now it will be a little problem I suppose with this s...I cannot find website of producer or any site with info about it.Can You help me somehow? Thanks. My e-mail: Regards

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Username: Alisha_humping


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hey guys im alisha from france i have 1gb mp3 player of xiron its menu button is not working ....can u guys help me.......plz.....plz.....plz
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