Troubles with radio tuner on MZ-NF610


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I purchased a Sony Net MD Walkman (Minidisc player) over the summer. It was the MZ-NF610, the model that comes with a remote with an FM/AM Tuner, but as of late, no matter what I do, I cannot get the radio to turn on. I press the button repeatedly, I hold it down for a while, I try to unplug everything and plug it back in, I hold it at different heights, I try without a MiniDisc in, but I can't seem to get the radio to turn on, and don't remember any time when I might have damaged it. Has anybody else had this problem? And would the warrantee cover this?

Hi! I have the mz-nf610 and the radio tuner isn't work perfect. I think the cable between the MD and the radio is broke. Because that, the radio don't turn on. I try to find any spare part of radio tuner (or all the radio unit).

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Hey anonymous, do you have anything productive to contribute or are you here to spam us with your mobile phone accesories china stuff???

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Yes mate, I'm in Australia and bought an MZ-NF610 and have had exactly the same problem you speak of. I have come across many stories of this disgraceful problem, and it also occurs on the MZ-NF810, according to stories I've read. Sony are a disgrace for building crap machines such as this.

Let me tell you my story. I bought this unit in November 2003. The radio and everything else worked fine, and I was satisfied with the way the unit worked. The only problem was that when you had the player plugged into the wall, you couldn't start the radio! You could only start the radio using the battery and then plug the wall power in. Strange, I thought, but at least it worked!

It kept working for about 7-8 months, then in July or August 2004, I started experiencing problems with turning the radio on. I repeatedly unplugged the power, plugged it back in again, trying everything like you did, and luckily after the 3rd or 4th try it worked!

And it kept working in this manner for a while. I went on a trip to Sydney in late September, and it worked then. A few days after I got back to Melbourne, in early October, the unit was having REAL trouble turning on. Which was coincidental because it was also the end of the AFL season, which is what I used the radio for - to listen to AFL broadcasts and discussions on SEN 1116.

Anyway, the unit was struggling to turn on and instead of taking 2-4 tries to turn on like before, it now was really a struggle. I shook the cables, and eventually, probably after about 10, maybe even 12 tries, the radio turned on. Sometimes it wouldn't turn on at all and I gave up trying to listen to it.

Then, by late October, the final nail was hammered into the coffin. The radio would not turn on AT ALL. But worse than that, when I wanted to play an MD, I could play it and the remote would function correctly, but there was NO DISPLAY on the remote. When I pressed the track forward button on the remote, for example, the track would move forward on the MD, but there was no display on the remote.

I thought mine must have been a really unlucky case, but it seems like everyone with an MZ-NF610 that listens to it fairly regularly has exactly the same problems. It's cheap and nasty, made of plastic, but I wouldn't expect it to suffer like this when I took care of it.

Anyway this is a bit long but wanted everyone to know what I went through here with a cheap Sony product. Cheers
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