IPod Mini stops updating and freezes....need advice!


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My family has 5 ipods which work great, and my daughter's friend has an ipod which we update for her (their computer is so old it doesn't have a USB port). I can update all the ipods just fine except hers.

When iTunes starts to update the songs on this ipod, it goes REALLY slowly, and will eventually stop and freeze before it completes the playlist. I have tried just updating 50 songs at a time, but no luck. The other ipods zoom down the list when they are updating, but not this one. We're talking about a minute or more per song, if it even finishes, while the other iPods update about one song per second.

I have reset and restored the ipod to no avail, and even got into the diagnostic screen and ran a scan of the disk which showed no problems. The family took it into the Apple store a few months ago, but I think the clerks must have just restored it and not done anything significant.

Any tips or things I am missing here?

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It's the same iPod as your families?

It could be a bad hard drive, possibly.

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It is a different iPod. I have a 20G standard iPod, hubby has a 30G photo, one daughter has a 6G mini, the other has a 4G mini, and we also have a shuffle. The friend's iPod is a 4G mini. Hers is the only one I have problems updating (we have lots of playlists in iTunes!), so I was leaning towards bad hard drive too.

I think it is still under warranty, so I will have them take it in to the store along with a detailed explanation of what is going wrong. Maybe then the store clerk will do more than just reset it.

Thanks for the advice!

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Hi, i have an iPod mini & it freeze so i tried everything. Eventually i tried to uninstall and re-install the program but i keep getting the error 1628- Failed to complete installation. What do i do?

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Just an update: I took the malfunctioning mini iPod to the local Apple store for repair, and they replaced the unit, so I guess it was a hard drive problem after all.

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hey ipod service center is her dont worry i can help u u just mail me i can hepl and replace the lcd mail me my address is djalice136@yahoo,com ok bye
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