Constant Ipod troubles, adivce?


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I purchased a 60gig back in late august. I saved from every paycheck for a few months to be able to afford it. The first weeks of September I sent it to Apple because of the drive making a clicking sound It would also skip to one song. Fearing that it was a hard drive issue I sent it in.

They replaced it. Yay for me. I've had it about a month and I would say that I'm the typical user, pretty hard on it. I listen to it in the car and walking places, shaking it, turning it off, skipping songs often.

now I've noticed that the hard drive keeps locking up. it will goto play a song, get like 10-30 seconds into it and freeze. So I use the two button restart. about 6 or 7 times out of 10 its fine, the rest I get a sad Ipod.

Last week I took it to the local apple store. When I walked in there was a sad apply face. I waited 20 minutes for my "turn" with hte guru and the face was gone. The guru listened to it and then formatted the drive. He said it would be fine. Nope. its worse. Once or twice at day I'm resetting in the car.

Should I send it back to apple? Its really kind of annoying. Do the 60's have these problem all hte time? Is it just the 60gigs? to the 40's have these problems?

I work with laptop all the time and we have hard drives die alot, but those drive are 3-4 years old! Am I expecting too much?

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Am I expecting too much?

Given the massive amount of complaints relating to the hard drive, I would say so.

Also, the 'guru' at the apple store probably knows very little. Besides, why would they want to get you a new hard drive when they can just format it temporarily? They're $200 hard drives.
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