How is the MobiBLU DAH1500i?


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Any comments about the MobiBLU DAH1500i (the tiny cube mp3 player)?

It looks interesting, however, expensive in comparison to the iPod Mini...


i recently brought my daughter an ipod mini she dropped it today & it wont turn on we have reset it & pluged it into the computer but its not recognising it we manually reset it it worked until the apple logo wouldnt go away & wouldnt turn on if n e 1 knows how to fix this problem please email me at thank you

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Read the last post I made in the iPod help thread right below this....

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"expensive in comparison to the iPod Mini"???? Dude, the MobiBLU DAH1500i is a whole lot cheaper than ipod mini-- look here:

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I recently purchased the mobiBLU DAH-1500i cube. I mainly chose this over the ipod because of it's FM Stereo feature which I listen to through speakers on my desk at work. I purchased it and set out to do one thing, "check out all the company's claims. It was said to hold up to 500 songs in WMA format. I loaded it up with 238 WMA files leaving me with only 130MB of free space to play with. That's a big difference to the company's claim. You might want to check into that before you buy. Today I played it on my desk at work continuously (at a low vol) from 7:45A to 5:05P with a 45 min break at noon. Hey.. I did get 8.5hrs of play. That's great considering very few people will listen to it 8 to 10 straight hours anyway. The sound quality is very crisp, though the earbuds could have been the clip around the ear type as they have a tendacy to fall from my ear. All in all, for the price it beats the ipod player of the same price because of the features the ipod is missing.
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