IPod won't start up at all. (vacation = doomed)


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I'm in the middle of my long vacation and I just got my ipod like... a little over a month ago.

Its always freezing up (i can usually get 10 songs out of it)
well today it froze again, no surprise there.
but this time i couldn't load it up at all.
the apple logo came on and then a folder that had a sign with "!" came up.

any quick solutions that don't require hooking it up to a computer?

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also its making a weird putting noise.........


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Try holding the center button down and Menu at the same time.

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i have the very same problem, same apple logo comes on for about 7 or so seconds, disk access putting noise and keeps repeating this sequence until the battery dies and screen briefly shows an exclamation mark!!! holding the center button down and Menu at the same time won't do anything and updating the firmware is not an option because the blessed thing won't even boot up hence not show on the computer. if you can resolve this please let me know ( i'm actually worried that the repair may be a costly one! thanks.

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Hard drive is bad. You can order a new one from ebay for about 40-60 bucks if it's a mini and replace it yourself.
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