Ipod Help for all (and a question I need answered)


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For all the file-and-exclamation-point problems, in my opinion it means your ipod is broken to the point where it's beyond your capabilities of fixing it. If it's relatively new, which it seems most of these are, I suggest sending it in for repairs that should be covered by your warranty. When mine was left in the rain, it had this problem. I tried to fix it myself, gave up, let it dry out, and sent in a service form (found here Within 3 days, Apple had confirmed my problem, and get this, sent someone to PICK UP my ipod to take it to be serviced, FROM MY HOUSE. All I had to do was properly package it. In order to do this though, you must have all your ipod information. Within a week I had a new ipod. That's right. Brand new. Give it a try!

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And also a question:
My ipod is working fine, but my computer kicked the bucket. We think the hard drive may have overheated, and we're not sure if we'll be able to fix it. It's four years old, so it's not that surprising, but all my music files are on that computer. My ipod is currently updated and charged, and I'm using our families newer computer (which has no music files on it). If I download the newest version of itunes and dock my ipod, will my music be deleted, or will it all go into my new library? Thanks a lot.

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It will not be deleted, but will not be added to your Library.

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You can pull the tunes off the ipod with a 3rd party product. I would suggest Winamp (free) with the ipod plugin (free).

See on the front page there is a tutorial. I heavily suggest reading it if you don't want to hose your music collection.

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I have a similiar problem to "pkotlikoff". We had to delete all of the programs off of our desktop due to a virus and with that all of the music files and itunes got deleted. I've heard from other people that plugging your ipod into another computer that also has itunes that all of your music will be erased. Is it possible to turn off the automatic update so that nothing is deleted.. or what? I havent updated my ipod in like 4 months because of this. HELP.

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Hey all, i just conected my ipod to my guitar amp and i take it with me camping and sh1t. i usually crank the hell out of it and its sounds great, but is this gonna harm my ipod in any way?
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