Please some help (Genx 7 in 1 Combo player)


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I had perished the GenX combo mp3 player year and half ago and it's still working well until two month ago . now when I try to turn it "on" a message appear said "Error! Reformat Media" (I know that mean should format the flash disk in fat format) when I connect the mp3 player to the computer a message appear said "G:\ is not accessible . The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error ." and I can't open the flash disk, I try to connect it to another computers but the same massage appear then I go to many stores to repair it but they all said that they can't I ask where I can repair it but no body know so please if any body know how i can repier it please tell me and i'll be very thankful

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what you need to do is connect it to the computer again and format it again. this time with the 'fat' format insted of 'fat32'. and lo! it will work.

Joseph Edward
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i Got Your EXACT SAME PROBLEM..... GenX SUCKS, ot seems like about 4 other guys here have this problem i'm From Egypt (SUpport Sucks TOO)

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I too have the same problem...i bought it 3 months ago, and now its nothing but excess space in my drawer...Im telling you man this product sucks. I have contacted the support many times about it. It seems they do not know how to solve it...

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i did buy genx flash around a month back..i was working on it as usual... one day i pluged it in the front panel of a system unit since the system couldn't detect the device i pluged it at the back and this time it displayed unrecognized device.i tried to format the device..but it couldnt detect the if u have the same experience and done something to make it work please inform me..
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