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I have a dynex portable dvd player that is six months old, and everytime I put in a dvd I get a wrong disc message. I tried calling dynex, but was told that they would not provide tech support or even answer a question about the product because it only had a 90 day warranty, which I find very upsetting. I tried putting in the last disc that was actually played, but still got a wrong disc message. Can anyone please help? Any ideas or do I just have to suck it up and buy a new player, which will definetely not be a dynex!!!!!!!!!

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We have a dynex protable dvd player, too, and it didn't even last 6 months, it only lasted about 4 months. It keeps saying "Wrong Disc" also and we don't know what to do either. Please let us know if you find anything out about this problem.

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I have a Dynex portable DVD Player that I bought in Feb. that Quit working also. Everytime I put in a disc and close it I get an "open" message. I took it back to Best Buy where I bought It and they said that they couldn't do anything about it and the company said the same thing. Is there anything I can do.

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I too have a Dynex Portable DVD Player that I bought for my son and daughter from Best Buy for Christmas. My Son's Dvd player is fine but My daughters just stopped reading the disk. I called the company and they said the store was responsible, I went to the store and they said the company was responsible. ANYONE have any idea how to get some CUSTOMER SUPPORT HERE?

We have a Dynex protable dvd player DX-PD510 Model, It only lasted for 8 months. It keeps saying "Wrong Disc" all of a sudden. Not playing any DVD's Now. But it plays normals CD's.
Can any one help? If there is a way to fix it ?

I have a Dynex Portable DVD Player. I lost my remote and I am trying to contact the manufacture but they keep sending me to best buy. I have never been so frustrated in my life. I was sent back and forth literally about 10 times between the two. Dynex keeps saying that they are only Tech. Support and Best Buy keeps saying that they don't have it. They just sell the products and the manufacturer should have them. There is no manufacturer number only tech support. What about the people that need parts. Are they just supposed to just throw away every dynex product they have.

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I am selling my Dynex portable DVD player, which works fine. I've had it for about 3 months, and have used it only a few times. Using it as a monitor for my camera crane. Decided that's not the best way.

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I am selling my Dynex portable DVD player, which works fine. I've had it for about 3 months, and have used it only a few times. I tried using it as a monitor for my camera crane, but decided that's not the best way, so I'll go ahead and purchased a field monitor. Oh, by the way, you may be able to still use the DVD feature by hooking it up to your TV. I tried to help, anyway have a good day.

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Some DVD players are very sensitive to the slightest amount of dust. If you are brave enough there are a few things that you can do at your own risk.
1)Get isoproyl alcahol and a cotton swab. Moisten the swab with the alcahol (do not saturate) and GENTLY clean the optic lens by lightly stroking it in ONE direction only. This can help eliminate the disk error or no disk message.

2) ALSO cleaning the DVD itself can also help with this issue.

3) Every now and then I come accross a stubborn
DVD player and it is a real good to do both of these things AND unplug it over night to reset the memory chip. If none of these things work.... take it to a shop or get another DVD player.

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WOw... I'll consider myself lucky... we've had our Dynex DX-PD510 for over a year and it's still working... I am having a problem though, in that I'm trying to find a user manual for it (some how the person that gave it to us... or maybe factory set)... it will occasionally AUTOMATICALLY put Spanish sub titles up on certain DVDs... I called customer service, and since I don't know EXACTLY when, and WHERE the product was purchased... they cannot tell me diddly squat!!! Can anyone help??
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